Saturday 18 March 2017

Sand Coffin - Shinobi-violence

Powerviolence/grind from Bakersfield, California. I can't find any information on this band (but maybe I'm not looking hard enough) but holy hell is this one a ripper. 5 songs in under 5 minutes, the way I like my powerviolence. It's also a more lo-fi recording which I enjoy, no smoke and mirrors bullshit like alot of modern grind/powerviolence bands do. Check it.


Fluoride - Fluoride

New Jersey grindcore, not much needs to be said other than that. 8 tracks of heavy fast grind in roughly 15 minutes. Check it out.


they also have some shows coming up, check out one of these dates if you're close

April 1st - Silent Barn - Brooklyn, NY
April 12th - Meatlocker - Montclair, NJ
April 22nd - The Pharmacy - Philadelphia, PA

Dodlage - Ritual Slaughter

Portland crust kings Dodlage are back with their debut LP "Ritual Slaughter". 16 songs of nonstop d-beat/crust punk that'll bludgeon you back into the hole you crawled out of. Everything on this LP is an improvement on the foundations laid down on their previous EP and 7". Don't sleep on this one, don't fuck up.

Bruise - Wrongful Death EP

Bruise are a hardcore band hailing from Indiana, IN. Since their formation they've released the Vicious Instinct EP in April of 2006 and their most recent release, the Wrongful Death EP in October of 2006. This was one of my favorite releases from last year, and I can hear some similarities between these guys and some of my favorite hardcore bands like Integrity and Incendiary. Simply put, you'll be missing out on one of the best up and coming hardcore bands if you pass on this one. Dont. Fuck. Up.