Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sleeping Field - Self Titled

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sleeping Field play a brand of melodic hardcore comparable to bands such as Defeater or Pianos Become The Teeth. Their debut self titled EP came out earlier this month and serves up 4 tracks of gnarly yet beautiful hardcore sure to satisfy fans of the genre.



Blossom - Weight Of The World EP

When I first heard this EP, the first thought that came to mind was that these guys sounded like a way heavier version of Dead And Divine which I'll stand by, but upon listening to Weight of The World a few more times I found that there was so much more to this EP. Everything from the guitar riffs to the vocal melodies are top notch. Without a doubt Kingston's Blossom are doing something right and hopefully people start to take notice.



Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Interview/Q & A with Todd Barriage from Borland Studio

As some of you may know, we here at Barren Praise are big fans of Speaker and Die Hexe....both bands have put out some killer music fairly recently but those albums didn't record and mix themselves. So we thought it would be fun to catch up the man who did record and mix those albums (and some other sweet ones). So here's a quick Q and A/interview/whatever with Todd Barriage of Borland Studio.

Can you talk about your earlier experiences in heavy music and what inspired you to start Borland Studio?

I had a pretty sheltered Christian upbringing, so I wasn't introduced to music with substance until I played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the PS1. I had to have been around 10 or 11 at the time. That game was packed with all sorts of goodies from Lagwagon to The Swingin' Utters to Powerman 5000. Then THPS3 had Goldfinger, AFI, Bodyjar, etc. y'know, bands that had a lot of speed and power and emotion in their songs. And around that time, High Speed Internet and online radio became a thing so I was able to freely explore music outside of video games. So around the age of 12 I started listening to Slayer, Cradle of Filth, Death, proper heavy stuff. Then the year after that, Saosin and The Used came out with their first records and reintroduced the word "hardcore" to the alternative-mainstream. 

Ever since then I've been fascinated with how passionate and aggressive music can be. Once high school hit, I didn't really party or do drugs and I wasn't quite nerdy enough for the Anime Club so I'd record my own music to pass the time. I did a couple We Are Adam West albums, some stuff for local bands. It just never stopped for me, I've pretty much been recording ever since!

Do you like to take any active role as producer, or do you just like to stick to engineering mixing and mastering?

I like to be as hands-on as the situation calls for. With Vickie Vale, I wrote & performed the drums for the first three albums and worked pretty closely with Scott on their fourth. I did a lot of vocal coaching with Lungless and helped Nick and Mike find their voices, we shaped a lot of the melodies together, particularly on Inhale. Speaker and Die Hexe were less hands-on, those bands pretty much just came in and smashed their tracks out. They knew what they wanted & trusted me to get them there!

Can you tell us about your approach to each project you take on?

First and foremost, I like to sit in on a band practice and get a feel for the band both musically and as people. I don't record music I don't personally like, and nobody wants to spend 8-12 hours a day with someone they're not comfortable with. So I make sure the band and I are on the same page. From there, it really depends on what the band's strengths and weaknesses are. I don't have like a, "Borland Studio Process™" that I impose on the bands I work with. I prefer to work with the artist and approach each record as the unique piece of work that it is.

You released a pretty rad cover of Refused's "New Noise" with Vickie Vale's Tyler Charlebois... Any plans to release an album under your own name?

Thank you man, that was a lot of fun to do! I've always wanted to cover that song, I couldn't have picked a better partner in crime for that one. I do have an album out, it's called This Is Love but it's way more pop-inspired and formulaic than the music I tend to produce. I've since released two singles, Depression Is A Hell Of A Drug in May of 2015 and Being Free in August of 2015. Those two are a lot heavier, and they mean more to me. Maybe some day soon I'll put out a proper hardcore record of my own!

Dry Heave

Dry Heave once hailed from London ON (now disbanded as of April) were a 4 piece band with a style that I'm hardpressed to catagorize; and after listening to either their EP'S you'll know what I mean. 
Your best bet is to download their material and decide for yourself!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Kataplexis - Suffer EP

Calgary's finest grindlords, Kataplexis are back with a new EP which serves as a follow up to 2014's Downpour LP. On Suffer, they serve up 3 tracks (one which consists of 2 Napalm Death covers) of hard hitting, ultra fast grindcore which will have fans of bands like Nasum and Brutal Truth eating it up like a diabetic at a chinese buffet.


HSY - Bask

Today we'll be featuring an album that will take you into noise ecstasy, feedback bliss, or maybe even distortion orgasm. We're talking about Toronto noise-punk band HSY's latest offering BASK, an appropriately titled album as it will leave you in awe of it's glory.......I'm not sure what HSY stands for but it might just be "HOLY SHIT YES". BASK was released in September 2015 through Buzz Records (stay tuned for more on Buzz) and is 12 tracks loud guitars, driving bass, pounding drums, and barking vocals......but don't be scared there's still somehow tons of melody throughout this record. If you haven't figured it out yet BASK is a complicated listen, one minute you'll feel like putting the album away and wondering when you became out of touch with today's youth and the next you'll be dancing like nobody is watching......a perfect example is the contrast between the 4th and 5th track. Anyway I think you get the idea by now good record is good......But wait there's more BASK was mixed by Odonis Odonis (surprise another Buzz band) frontman DeanTzenos. So ya I'll shut up now be sure to pick up this album and check HSY's upcoming tour dates listed below.

June 6th Toronto On @ the horseshoe tavern
June 18th-20th Saskatoon Sk @ MOSO fest
June 22nd-26 Calgary AB  @ Sled Island
July 29th-31st Meaford ON @ Electric Eclectics

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Apex - Self Titled

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, The Apex play a fusion of mathcore and grindcore similar to Ion Dissonance and early records from The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their debut self titled album features 10 tracks of unrelenting mathcore and dizzying riffs that are sure to have you seizuring in no time.



Theriac - Self Titled

Blackened sludge, grind, crust from Toronto. Theriac are comparable to bands like Full Of Hell, Harm Done, and maybe early YAITW. Their self titled debut is 7 tracks of chaotic crust punk that hammer's you in until the final notes of Confortable Decay. Don't miss out on this.



Monday, 2 May 2016

Triage - Power Beat 7"

Triage are a crossover/hardcore band hailing from  Toronto and feature members of VCR, Direct Approach, Brutal Youth, and the Frags. Highly recommended for fans of Minor Threat, D.R.I., and early Suicidal Tendencies.


Dark Circles - Split w/Abstracter

Dark Circles are a blackened crust/d-beat band from Montreal. Their most recent release is a split with Abstracter, which contains 3 new songs from Dark Circles and 2 new songs from Abstracter who are equally as dark and heavy.



Respire - Gravity And Grace

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Fucked Up and Deafheaven did a collaboration album? Thats the vibe I get off this album, and thats in no way a bad thing. Respire's debut full length "Gravity and Grace" is full of lush passages that would fit in on Fucked Up's David Comes To Life. There's so many instruments on this album that you wouldn't expect on a typical black metal album, everything from trumpets, pianos, glockenspiels, hell they even recorded a music box on this album.


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Witchhunt - Void Hymns

Blackened crust from Toronto, if you don't already know Witchhunt then you're fucking up. Void Hymns was released this past January and is 5 tracks of noisey unrelenting filth.
FFO: Young And In The Way, Ancst, and Hexis.



*they also released a split with Goth Girl (Andrew Cleveland of Mad Trapper & Please Drown's side project) this past March which is definatly worth checking out.

Mad Trapper - Know Fear Single

Yesterday Toronto's own metallic hardcore giants Mad Trapper released a new song. Recorded as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks program by Alex Bonenfant and Trevor Anderson at Noble Street Studio's in Toronto, Know Fear is one of their best offerings as a band and shows the growth they continue to make as a band.



Exits - Self Deprecation

Exits are a four piece hardcore band hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. Their debut full length "Self Deprecation" conjures up 12 tracks of chaotic hardcore in the vein of bands like Botch, Coalesce and Refused. Most of this album is blisteringly fast and doesn't really relent or let up until the album closer "Save Yourself" which even has its fast moment. I highly recommend checking this one out because these guys are definatly doing something right.



Saturday, 30 April 2016

Please Drown - Self Titled EP

Please Drown are a sludge unit hailing from Toronto featuring members of Mad Trapper, Without and Pretty Mouth.  Dropping their debut self titled release on April 8th 2016 with the single "Vultures to Feed" coming out prior to that.
The keyword with this group is "Heavy" mixing that with bursts of mosh worthy vibes, menacing vocals and a filthy rhythm section to top it all off.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hate Division - Order Of The Enslaved

Hate Division are a 4 piece technical death metal band hailing from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Order of The Enslaved conjures up 13 tracks of pure death metal that would satisfy fans of bands like Origin or Dying Fetus.


Prophets Tour Dates

The killer crew of Prophets are heading out on the road around Ontario, check them out if you can!

April 29th - Brantford - Club NV
April 30th - Sarnia - Station Music Hall
May 1st - Cambridge - The Warehouse 
May 6th - Burlington - The Black Bull
May 7th - Newmarket - Laser Lounge 
May 8th - Barrie - The Foxx Lounge  

Sunday, 3 April 2016

April 3rd Music Round Up

So once in awhile rather than write up specific articles for bands, I'll do a big music round up. Not only does it save me time in writing it but it keeps things short and concise like a great powerviolence album.

Please Drown - Vultures To Feel (Single)

Please Drown are a sludge/doom band from Toronto and feature members of Mad Trapper. This is their debut single "Vultures To Feed" and hits pretty hard. Their EP comes out this friday so be sure to check it out.

Unfun - Waterboarding

Up next is Vancouver's Unfun. These guys play a brand of gloomy pop punk, with a darker indie vibe going on. Waterboarding came out in December and although it's not what I usually listen to, I find myself coming back to this record more often than I was expecting. Despite name, they're a seriously fun band. Check them out.

Six Brew Bantha - Live At KFJC 87.9

The most recent release from one of Vanouver's best grind/powerviolence bands. This live release contains 8 songs and shows how well they pull off the aggression in a live setting. I also recommend checking out their previous releases especially the Intravenously Commodified LP from 2014.

VHS - Screaming Mad Gore

VHS are a death/thrash/grind band hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario. 
With a heavy/pounding rhythm section, tight riffs that are sharp enough to replace your chainsaw, and vocals that sound like they were conjured from hell itself, these guys don't fuck around, and on top of all that the lyrics pay homage to alot of old 80's horror films. Don't miss out on these guys.


Friday, 1 April 2016

Black Love - Self Titled

Recently found these guys through Sophie's Floorboard. Definately have a Hot Water Music vibe going on here, albeit way darker and heavier. This is their most recent release from 2014, check it out.


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Canadian Grand Slams

When people think of the Canadian music scene, slam death metal is probably the last thing on their minds. When it comes to hardcore or death metal the names that'll likely come to mind are more likely to be bands like Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats, or DOA, and on the metal side probably bands like Gorguts, Cryptopsy, or Kataklysm. So today I figured I would do a write up on some sweet slam/brutal death metal bands that have popped up over the years.

Alright, lets start with Intestinal Rot from Heidelberg, Ontario. Their most current EP "Re-Inventing Mankind" serves up 4 tracks of pure filth. From the opening moments of the title track to the last seconds of the album closer "Japanese Dolphin Slaughter" Intestinal Rot prove they can hang with the heavy hitters like Kraanium and Devourment.


Up next we have Cuff from Oshawa, Ontario. This is their full length from 2014 called "Transient Suffering Through The Ergosphere". This is easily one of the heaviest slam albums I've heard over the years, and this album features guest spots from Larry Wang (Coprocephalic & Gorepot), Chris Williams (Upon Your Corpse) and Anthony Davis (Swine Overlord & Gutfucked).

Cuff on Bandcamp
Transient Suffering on Bandcamp

And last but certainly not least we have Gravitational Distortion from Toronto. This was my personal favorite slam album from last year. Every riff and slam on this album is perfection, they hit hard enough to drag you to a shallow grave. The vocals are also some of the dirtiest gutturals I've ever heard. Don't miss out on this one.



Prison are a 4 piece hardcore band hailing from Barrie, Ontario who play a brand of hardcore similar to bands like Code Orange, Harms Way, and Desolated. On their newest release"Beast Of Burden" they offer up 5 tracks of doomy, sludgey hardcore heavy enough to kick your door down and beat you senseless. The two tracks I found to be most interesting were the title track and the song "Prison" , the latter of which features guest vocals from Andrew Kramer of Iron Golem.

Overall I found this to be a great release, and a huge improvement over the demo (which is also available on their bandcamp) although the demo had some sweet jams on it too.


Big Evil

Big Evil is a 2 piece chaotic hardcore band from Toronto, I found these guys by accident one day and was very glad I did.  For fans of Norma Jean, Retox or Botch their debut release "Empty" is short (2:13 total runtime), noisy and (as stated above) chaotic as all hell.  They are recording/recorded their next batch of tunes and I'm really interested to see what they'll do next.


Twitter, instagram and SoundCloud; 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Guiltfeeder are a four piece hardcore band hailing from Toronto, ON. Their newest EP came out last June, and features 5 tracks of chaotic fret work, throat shredding vocals, and a rhythm section so tight no way baby come out of there. I highly recommend checking these guys out, and if possible catch them at a show, their next show is March 12th @ Silence in Guelph with Mirrors & Tides and Teleportoise.

Guiltfeeder Bandcamp
Get Party! Bandcamp


Hailing from Pickering, Ontario, Lungless play a brand of hardcore all their own. With their newest 5 track EP "Exhale" they continue to expand upon the sound they began to develop with last years "Inhale" EP, albeit in a far darker fashion. Songs like "Proxy" and "Ark" are pretty heavy and hardhitting tracks that come out fast and don't relent.

Overall, "Exhale" manages to pull you in and keep you interested enough to hit the replay button over and over again, and if you can, I suggest you check out one of the dates their playing (dates below) because their live show is just as great as the stuff they've recorded.

Exhale comes out March 11th

Stream "Exhale" Via Heavy Press
Exhale On Bandcamp
Lungless on Facebook

March 12th Ajax, ON @ Top Shelf (EP Release Show)
March 13th London, ON
March 14th Windsor, ON @ The Beer Exchange
March 15th Hamilton, ON @ The Doors Pub
March 17th Quebec City, QC @ La Source De La Martiniere
March 19th Montreal, QC @ Hemisphere Guache

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Feedback ✔
Dissonance ✔
Getting my hopes up ✔

Petrify, a hardcore band from Alberta is off to a good start with their self-titled debut but just seem to fail to deliver (maybe the album is a grower).

Taking on a full-length as a debut release would be a grueling task for any band and like most bands who attempt it Petrify fall a little flat. Tracks such as My Own, Havens, and Room 446 are highlights off of the album, but these guys should have trimmed the fat and released a solid ep, 5 good songs is always better than 10 OK songs.

Holding everything together through the albums 10 ups and downs is drummer Jake Friedrich. Friedrich crashes, smashes, and bashes his way through the album and will be one of the few thing keeping you involved throughout the listen.

This band definitely deserves some attention and seems to be taking their art seriously, getting their album mastered by Brad Boatright who mastered some of last year's biggest releases (Harms Way, Full Of Hell/Merzbow, and Twitching Tongues) was another saving grace for this band.

All in all this is an OK release so I'll give it an OK score of 5/10

---Russ Walsh---

Speaker - Grow And Decay (Re-release)

Speaker recently re-released their debut EP "Grow And Decay". Drums and bass we're rerecorded for this and it's definatly beefed up the sound on it, check it out.

Grow And Decay


Here's another band I had up on the previous site, Failgiver play a brand of dirty, chaotic hardcore with the perfect mix of metal thrown in. Their most recent release "Death Pose" came out last June, check it out.



I did a write up on these guys back when the previous site was up so I'll keep it short and sweet.
Erosion are a crust/d-beat/hardcore band from Vancouver who play some of the dirtiest punk jams you'll ever hear, so stop reading and check this shit out ASAP.



Hell bent is 4 piece hardcore punk band coming out of Hamilton whom my band was got to share the stage with last month.  In a scene that seems dominated by crazy beatdown bands it's awesome to find a crew with the old school hardcore sound.  Check out both of their self titled EP'S.

-Sean Noble


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Heart Attack Kids

Hailing from London Ontario Heart Attack Kids are a vicious 2 piece punk rock band with a feel and sound more along the lines of 3 or 4 piece group.  The embodiment of mid to late 80’s L.A punk with a healthy dose of chaos scattered throughout; this band is fierce in your face and doesn’t let up for one second.  Their newest released (which is self-titled) and their earlier release called Hooligans will have you banging your head till it falls off.



Foxmoulder is a 4 piece self-proclaimed "emoviolence" band from Toronto. These guys take a lo-fi no bullshit approach to aggressive music and as cliche as it sounds, are a breath of fresh air. Recorded at Soybomb in Toronto (which if you've ever been you know is punk as fuck) their latest release, a split with Russian hardcore outfit Eaglehaslanded, is 5 tracks of dissonant arpeggiated riffs, vocal caterwauling and driving rhythms. Can't wait to see what these guys have in store next. Check out their bandcamp page and download all of their releases for pay what you want. Catch them March 4th at The Coalition in Toronto opening for Fucking Invincible (members of Daughters).

FFO: short songs, X-Files

-Russ Walsh

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mad Trapper

Can we just take a second and talk about Mad Trapper? From what I gather, these boys formed the band in 2012, (and) taking a que from bands like Converge and other metallic hardcore bands like Coalesce they worked on what would become their first release "Kill Us, Start Anew" fast forward to 2015, they put out their first full length, the absolutly crushing "Dead Living", played a string of headline shows and got some opening slots on some great shows local to Toronto. I firstbecame aware of them when I saw them open for Retox and Whores on their tour for Retox's "Beneath California" album, I walked into the venue a couple songs into Mad Trapper's set and saw their bass player tossing his instrument as high as possibly with little regard for those around him and their singer throwing himself around like a mad man, doing barrel rolls while yelling and screaming the words without missing a beat. Now it's 2016, they got a sweet slot opening for Decapitated, recorded some music for Converse Rubber Tracks, and are poised to take over the Canadian hardcore scene. Keep your eyes and ears on watch for these guys because there's big things coming in their future.


Monday, 22 February 2016

Cruel Bloom - Ketamine EP

I won't write much about this band (because I play in it) but we're a weird experimental punk/noise band and this is shameless self promotion. So check it out if you want (or don't, that's equally as cool). I can't really give you something to compare it to since I'm still not sure what to categorize it as, but whatever I digress.


Die Hexe - Self Titled EP

Hailing from Toronto, Die Hexe play a brand of hardcore all their own. When I first heard of these guys I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it. There were some atmospheric parts that brought Deafheaven to mind, some post hardcore sections that reminded me of bands like Hot Snakes or Drive Like Jehu, and there was a whole lotta hardcore that reminded me of, well the entire Deathwish Inc. roster, but the thing is, when you listen to songs like "Jaws" or my personal favorite "Long Live The New Flesh" you don't actually hear any of that, what you hear is a band doing something all their own, and killing it. Die Hexe are truly a band to watch out for, they're definatly putting in the time and working at becoming a great band and I really hope these guys keep at it and go somewhere with their music because in the short time I've become aware of them, they're remained on heavy rotation. So put down the bong, stop reading this bullshit review, and go listen for yourself.



Kennedy are a hardcore band hailing from Montreal, who play a brand of hardcore so chaotic that it's difficult to listen to them without wanting to destroy your entire house. I was lucky enough to open for these guys (ya I play in a shitty hardcore band, so what) and witness first hand the chaos that ensues when these guys play. Their most recent (and first full length) album "The Guilty Poor" came out last September and contains 11 tracks that are sure to make you hate everything and want to destroy anything in your path. I highly recommend checking these guys out (newest album is killer incase I haven't mentioned it enough) and definatly check them out if they hit up a town near you because it's worth it.

Kennedy on Facebook
The Guilty Poor on Bandcamp

Amnesty - Blood Money EP

Amnesty are a 4 piece heavy hardcore band hailing from Sarnia, Ontario who can loosely be compared to bands like Sworn In, Barrier, and even Falsifier. Their newest EP "Blood Money" came out January 26th and hits just as hard as all those bands mentioned, and even has a guest spot by Aiden from the band Falsifier. Suffice to say, its heavy, like ignorantly heavy. So if you're of the mindset that ignorance is bliss then get in here and slam your head against a fucking wall.

Blood Money EP on Bandcamp

Friday, 19 February 2016


Cedar from Waterloo, Ontario is the type of band I would give someone who wants to get into stoner rock bands like Red Fang of Black Tusk. Their 4 song EP " Everything I've Never Said Out Loud" brings (in my mind) something unique to the table that I have yet to hear amongst young, upcoming bands. Being able to fuse softer verses with catchy, groovy choruses creates a really cool atmosphere and I find myself coming back to these guys over and over again. I'm interested to see where this band goes and what else they can bring to the table.

Everything I've Never Said Out Loud

-Sean Noble

Cold Feet

Cold Feet are a 4 piece from St. Catherines who play a brand of hardcore that sounds like they got soaked up in grind and beaten to death with powerviolence. Their most recent release "Reject The Weak" came out last October and consists of 6 songs clocking in around 9 minutes of nonstop hard hitting riffs, the fast parts will blastbeat you into oblivion and the slow heavy breakdown like sections will pick you up long enough to murder everyone around you.

Cold Feet on Facebook
Cold Feet - Reject The Weak

And while you're at it check out this sweet live video



Speaker are a 4 piece hailing from Toronto, Ontario who play a brand of chaotic hardcore similar to Converge and having seen these boys tear it up live I can definatly say they have the stage prescence to match. Their most recent release (the 2 track EP Body and Blood) is definatly their best work yet and I'm stoked to see where these guys go.
They have some shows lined up pretty soon so if you're around any of these shows, go check them out.

Feb 26 Oshawa @ The Diesel Room
Feb 27 Cambridge @ YFC Center
Feb 28 Hamilton @ The Doors Pub
Mar 3 Quebec @ Sous-Sol Du Circle
Mar 4 Montreal @ Turbo Haus
Mar 5 Ottawa @ House Show

Body And Blood EP



Being are a downtempo deathcore/beatdown band from London, Ontario.
Their most recent release "Cathartic" came out a couple weeks ago and consists of 4 songs that hit harder than anything they've done before. The opening track "Sinister" lives up to its name with its creepy intro that leads into an absolutely savage breakdown, which leads into the second song (and title track) which has enough groove to kill Johnny Bravo. Infections carries the groove of the previous track and the creepy vibes of the openner over and features some absolutely throat shredding vocals. Album closer "Vermin" is a rerecording of a track they previously released which got a pretty sweet makeover. Overall its a killer EP and worth checking out.
FFO: Yuth Forever, Traitors, etc.
PS: They're playing at Rum Runners in London on April 10th with Make Them Suffer, Falsifier and The Luminary, so go check that out.

Cathartic EP



Slumlord are a heavy hardcore band from Edmonton, Alberta.These guys play a rediculously heavy brand of hardcore similar to bands like Code Orange, Harms Way, well basically half of the Deathwish Inc roster which isn't a bad thing. Their most reent release "Love All Serve None" came out back in 2014 but they're headed to Rain City Recorders with Stu McKillop in April to record their debut full length currently titled "Preview Of Hell" so go check out "Love All Serve None" and get stoked for their full length.

Love All Serve None



Discoverson are a 4 piece Hardcore/Metalcore band from Collingwood, Ontario. Their newest release "Increase/Decrease" came out last August and features 8 tracks of melodic and straight to the point hardcore. I'm probably biased when I say you should check them out (my band's played shows with these guys a few times) but "Increase/Decrease" is a great release and a huge step up from their previous release Black Sheep.
So go check out "Increase/Decrease" and catch them in Toronto next Saturday (Feb 20th) at The Smiling Buddah alongside Die Hexe, Theriac, and Robot.



Monday, 15 February 2016

And we're back...

Hey, we're back up and running albeit on a new format. This blog will now be geared towards Canadian bands and musicians in an attempt to spread the word on some great bands that are starting to pop up around Canada. Thanks for reading.