Sunday, 6 March 2016


Feedback ✔
Dissonance ✔
Getting my hopes up ✔

Petrify, a hardcore band from Alberta is off to a good start with their self-titled debut but just seem to fail to deliver (maybe the album is a grower).

Taking on a full-length as a debut release would be a grueling task for any band and like most bands who attempt it Petrify fall a little flat. Tracks such as My Own, Havens, and Room 446 are highlights off of the album, but these guys should have trimmed the fat and released a solid ep, 5 good songs is always better than 10 OK songs.

Holding everything together through the albums 10 ups and downs is drummer Jake Friedrich. Friedrich crashes, smashes, and bashes his way through the album and will be one of the few thing keeping you involved throughout the listen.

This band definitely deserves some attention and seems to be taking their art seriously, getting their album mastered by Brad Boatright who mastered some of last year's biggest releases (Harms Way, Full Of Hell/Merzbow, and Twitching Tongues) was another saving grace for this band.

All in all this is an OK release so I'll give it an OK score of 5/10

---Russ Walsh---

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