Monday, 22 February 2016

Die Hexe - Self Titled EP

Hailing from Toronto, Die Hexe play a brand of hardcore all their own. When I first heard of these guys I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it. There were some atmospheric parts that brought Deafheaven to mind, some post hardcore sections that reminded me of bands like Hot Snakes or Drive Like Jehu, and there was a whole lotta hardcore that reminded me of, well the entire Deathwish Inc. roster, but the thing is, when you listen to songs like "Jaws" or my personal favorite "Long Live The New Flesh" you don't actually hear any of that, what you hear is a band doing something all their own, and killing it. Die Hexe are truly a band to watch out for, they're definatly putting in the time and working at becoming a great band and I really hope these guys keep at it and go somewhere with their music because in the short time I've become aware of them, they're remained on heavy rotation. So put down the bong, stop reading this bullshit review, and go listen for yourself.


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