Thursday, 19 May 2016

HSY - Bask

Today we'll be featuring an album that will take you into noise ecstasy, feedback bliss, or maybe even distortion orgasm. We're talking about Toronto noise-punk band HSY's latest offering BASK, an appropriately titled album as it will leave you in awe of it's glory.......I'm not sure what HSY stands for but it might just be "HOLY SHIT YES". BASK was released in September 2015 through Buzz Records (stay tuned for more on Buzz) and is 12 tracks loud guitars, driving bass, pounding drums, and barking vocals......but don't be scared there's still somehow tons of melody throughout this record. If you haven't figured it out yet BASK is a complicated listen, one minute you'll feel like putting the album away and wondering when you became out of touch with today's youth and the next you'll be dancing like nobody is watching......a perfect example is the contrast between the 4th and 5th track. Anyway I think you get the idea by now good record is good......But wait there's more BASK was mixed by Odonis Odonis (surprise another Buzz band) frontman DeanTzenos. So ya I'll shut up now be sure to pick up this album and check HSY's upcoming tour dates listed below.

June 6th Toronto On @ the horseshoe tavern
June 18th-20th Saskatoon Sk @ MOSO fest
June 22nd-26 Calgary AB  @ Sled Island
July 29th-31st Meaford ON @ Electric Eclectics

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