Sunday, 3 April 2016

April 3rd Music Round Up

So once in awhile rather than write up specific articles for bands, I'll do a big music round up. Not only does it save me time in writing it but it keeps things short and concise like a great powerviolence album.

Please Drown - Vultures To Feel (Single)

Please Drown are a sludge/doom band from Toronto and feature members of Mad Trapper. This is their debut single "Vultures To Feed" and hits pretty hard. Their EP comes out this friday so be sure to check it out.

Unfun - Waterboarding

Up next is Vancouver's Unfun. These guys play a brand of gloomy pop punk, with a darker indie vibe going on. Waterboarding came out in December and although it's not what I usually listen to, I find myself coming back to this record more often than I was expecting. Despite name, they're a seriously fun band. Check them out.

Six Brew Bantha - Live At KFJC 87.9

The most recent release from one of Vanouver's best grind/powerviolence bands. This live release contains 8 songs and shows how well they pull off the aggression in a live setting. I also recommend checking out their previous releases especially the Intravenously Commodified LP from 2014.

VHS - Screaming Mad Gore

VHS are a death/thrash/grind band hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario. 
With a heavy/pounding rhythm section, tight riffs that are sharp enough to replace your chainsaw, and vocals that sound like they were conjured from hell itself, these guys don't fuck around, and on top of all that the lyrics pay homage to alot of old 80's horror films. Don't miss out on these guys.


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